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Comptroller Profile:
Compare High Performers to Low Producers

Position Overview: Requires a manager motivated to build consensus among expert colleagues rather than dictate and direct others’ actions; focus is regularly on operating the “well oiled machine” or business process rather than inventing new ways of achieving business operations; takes initiative and requires very little supervision; strongly profit conscious and willing to accept responsibility for achieving results.

Predictive Skills: N/A characteristics will predict sales rep success in this manager position. Review below how top sales performers will differ from lower performers.


Maintains a high level of competence in an important business function as a source of information, expertise, and advice to influence and assist in the decisions made by line managers

Skill/Capability Level:

For the most part, Mr. Smith is capable of managing a business function dedicated to providing the specialized information or internal expertise needed to respond to line managers’ requests.


Focuses on measurable and near-term results and outputs; emphasizes efficiency, cost control, and refinement of the processes and procedures that produce incremental gains; addresses problems, but avoids visionary or theoretical changes that have not been thoroughly tested and proven

Skill/Capability Level:

Mr. Smith may not focus on the day-to-day production issues and the gradual building of system solutions. His need to innovate may affect his ability to optimize an existing system’s efficiency.

Coaching Suggestions:

If not already in place, Mr. Smith will need to define a process for making improvements in the day-to-day operations, tracking internal problems, and reporting production statistics. If needed, send him to a course on making incremental improvements, versus wide-sweeping and untested changes.


Champions the success of the business; maintains close touch with key business issues; alert to potential problems and/or opportunities; makes suggestions and initiates plans; not dependent on upper management for direction

Skill/Capability Level:

Mr. Smith will set his own goals and initiate his own plans without waiting to be told what to do. He will want to stay informed and will routinely rely on status reports or follow-up meetings. He can be counted on to see established tasks and activities through to completion.


Commits to taking personal responsibility for results, even when working indirectly through others; avoids using excuses as explanations or justifying negative, but preventable outcomes.

Skill/Capability Level:

He is willing to learn from mistakes and will try to adapt new approaches. Mr. Smith takes personal responsibility for results, even when he delegates selected tasks to key players.


Conscious of and motivated to manage for bottom-line results using whatever resources or controls are appropriate; recognizes the need for a financial return
on investments.

Skill/Capability Level:

He will consistently concentrate on important success factors and will, therefore, not be distracted by personality or other more emotional issues. Personal involvement in all key business goals and decisions will be a primary focus of his approach. Mr. Smith focuses on bottom-line results when attempting to achieve his objectives, and will not proceed unless he is reasonably sure of a return on his investment.

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