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Sales Force Management:
Interview Guide

What’s the most accurate predictor of a new Sales Force Manager candidate’s job potential? Many people think it’s an interview, one where they “get a read” on the recruit’s likelihood to fit into their organization.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The typical job interview – while the most widely used selection tool – is also one of the least successful in predicting outcomes. In most studies, interviews rank 5th in predicting performance, particularly with manager candidates like Sales Force Manager.

Used correctly, however, as part of a disciplined selection approach, an interview can be very telling. The first issue is FOCUS . . . make sure your interviews are guided by the success profile you’ve chosen for your manager position.

Sales Force Management:

  • Teaching in a structured setting
  • Makes joint calls
  • Directs and controls others in a business unit
  • Profit conscious in a management role
  • Takes initiative in a business unit
  • Makes formal presentations
  • Focused on quantitative results
  • Practical intelligence
  • Analytic ability

Next, use a classic “coning approach” with questions to obtain the information needed to assess the candidate against specific profile elements. After the interview, individual assessment scores can be summarized, and a determination made as to how to move forward with your Sales Force Manager candidate.

Click on the adjacent Interview Guide front page. This illustrates how the Sales Force Manager interview focuses on the 11 critical factors of the job.

Click here to request a complete sample Sales Force Management Interview Guide

Click here to request a complete sample Sales Force Management Interview Guide