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ID and Develop Exceptional Managers –
Best Skills Choices for Different Management Jobs

The available pool of top performing managers for top executive positions is always limited, regardless of the overall business climate. As a result, this is a most critical task for any organization.

Before selecting or promoting your future leaders, we recommend you read “ID and Develop Exceptional Managers,” an executive report that summarizes over 25 years of research projects sponsored by Fortune 500 companies. Highlighted in the report are:

  • Selection Technologies and Solutions for the Future
  • How to Select Exceptional Managers
  • How to Identify the Type of Manager Needed
  • How to Identify the Type of Manager Needed for a Specific Position
  • The Critical Skills of Corporate Line Managers
  • The Critical Skills of Corporate Staff Managers
  • The Critical Skills of Strategic Account Managers
  • The Critical Skills of Sales Force Managers
  • How to Establish the Level or Degree of Management Competence Needed to Fill the Position
  • How to Identify the Type of Executive Management Needed

In all cases, the research for “ID and Develop Exceptional Managers” focuses on statistically valid predictors of effective on-the-job performance. Only those skills that were valid predictors of effective performance are included in this report.

Focusing on these identified skills may help you avoid what research has documented as the 11 most common mistakes made when selecting or promoting managers.

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