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Sales Candidate Assessment Report:
New Business Development Sales Rep

Growth Resources recommends a predictive assessment process to reduce risk and assure greater accuracy when hiring, promoting, and coaching sales reps. Our process includes an online assessment questionnaire to define critical skills potential, preferred sales style, and key motivational characteristics.

Your new business development sales rep candidate can fill in our questionnaire on any computer connected to the internet. Within 24 hours of completion, we send you a report that summarizes the results and recommendations to hire, or not.

Sales Rep Performance Potential Report:

  • measures potential on-the-job strengths and weaknesses
  • provides motivational needs and coaching techniques for weaker skills.
  • can be compared to the profile of other of your existing sales reps to give you a clearer picture of how the candidate fits within your expectations.

New Business Development Overview:

  • Effective networker and problem solver
  • Qualifies prospects to define potential
  • Commits time and effort to ensure success
  • Closes through logical process steps

Request sample test report.

Request sample test report.